Relations at the National Level

The Chamber represents itself on the following capacity at the government and local administration level.

  • Member, Ratnanagar Bakulahar Hospital Steering Committee, Ratnanagar.
  • Member, Shaheed Smriti Multiple Campus, Ratnanagar.
  • Member, Jayamangala Multiple Campus, Ratnanagar.
  • Member, Ratnanagar Municipality.
  • Member, District Agriculture Committee, Chitwan.
  • Member, District Anugaman Committee.
  • Member, District Information and Source Center, Chitwan.
  • Member, Drinking Water Consumer Support Committee.
  • Member, Chitwan Tourism Development Committee, Chitwan.
  • Member, Non-Resident Nepali (NRN) oldage Home, Devghat.
  • Member, Cancer Welfare Society. B.P. Memorial Cancer Hospital, Chitwan.
  • Member, District Consumer Preservation Committee, Chitwan.

Affiliated Membership

Ratnanagar Chamber of Commerce and Industry is an affiliated member of the Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FNCCI).

Our Affilitations & Partners

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